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The search for and hiring of a freelancer is a challenging process. And despite several E solutions, it still remains a tedious task. But we at Procallo are on a mission to solve this problem.

Building a flipkart or amazon like platform for such services is not a solution. Therefore, we bring to a much simplified interface which will help connect people in a more relevant and meaningful manner.

For Freelancers

Skilled individuals are the ones who shape the world in small or big ways. They are best in what they do and so they find their place in orgaisations and spend their lives working for others. As times are fast changing, we get to see more of these incredibly talented individuals work remotely on their own, offering their skills to multiple Startups, SME’s and corporates, thus making the phenomena, freelance a popular choice amongst many. But finding work is a challenge for most of these individuals as they are not well equipped to do this task. None of the current E solutions address this issue gracefully as they have brought in structures that are centralised & controlled leaving many freelancers with no opportunity.

We Believe, Freelance Denotes Freedom and so the solutions should stand upto that.

We are launching our service in Delhi NCR soon and will expand our footprints across India.

Who Can Join Us ?

We are targeting the service sector & anybody with professional skills no matter how unique, we encourage you to signup.

For Eg. :

If you belong to the IT sector, you could be a web developer, ios or an android app developer having specialised skills like Angular JS, Django, swift, C++, HTML 5, Bootstrap or JAVA etc.

If you are a designer, you could be a fashion designer, graphic designer, web or mobile app designer, UI/UX or even a textile designer with tools like photoshop, illustrator, autocad etc.

If you are a marketeer, you could be a copywriter, blogger, digital marketing expert, SEO, SMM or an Email marketing expert, with tools like hootsuite, wordpress etc.

You could as well be a Guitarist, Photographer, Dancer, looking to teach or perform in different events.

For best opportunities, we encourage you to sign up only with details of services you specialise in.

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